Installing and Setting Up Digital Transcription Software

Download and run installer from Before running it for the first time open Word 2003 and go to Tools, Macro, Security and click on the Trusted Publisher tab. Make sure Trust Access to Visual Basic Projects is checked.

1) After running installer. click on Iscriptor icon on desktop

2) Enter the url of the server/website of the digital transcription service you work for. This is the address that you use to log into the secure website.


3) Enter the login name and password provided to you.

4) Click okay. You will have run the program twice.

5) The program will connect to the internet and to the secure server. This may take a while depending on internet connection speed.

6) You will see this message: Loading Data From Server. Please wait…..

Main Screen

Once the program has started, there are four tabs at the top of the program. They are explained below.

Job Queue (F3)

•The Job Queue is a list of the jobs available to the transcriptionist.

•Select a file or a range of files then click the Add to Inbox button.

•Click a column name to sort by that column.

•Click column name again to invert sort order.

Inbox (F4)

•This is the first screen the transcriptionist sees.

•If there are files assigned to the transcriptionist, they will show up here.

•Blue file names indicate files that you have not started transcribing.

•Gray file names indicate files that have been opened/edited and not released.

•Green file names indicate files that have been assigned to you by the administrator.

•Click on one of the file names to start transcribing it or hit the F6 key.

•This will open either the first file in the inbox list or the selected file if one is selected into the Header window.

Header (F6)

•This is the header where the transcriptionist fills in the header fields for each report that they are transcribing.

•Fill in all the fields possible. These fields will be different depending on the client.

Log (F7)

•This is a log of the activity that has taken place. Any errors that occur are detailed here.

•If there are any problems, the errors will be detailed here.

Compose (Esc)

•The Word program will execute and a template will show up in Word.

•There is a toolbar in the in the Word program.

Getting Voice Files for Digital Transcription

Once you have selected jobs and moved them to your inbox you are ready to transcribe. Simply double click on the file you want to transcribe. You will be taken to the MT Header Screen. Click on the voice file or hit enter twice and Express Scribe will start playing the file.

Composing a Document

Before moving to the compose screen be sure you select a report type and click on the green button next to the report type selection box. That will uploaded the template for that report type. You can then move to the compose screen by hitting the Esc key, or by clicking on the Compose button. The Esc key toggles between the MT Header screen and the Compose screen.

When you are finished with the job choose the appropriate action listed below:Release (F9)Use this button to release the document to the website once you have completed the transcription. This will close Word and the Header and take you back to the Inbox.

Send to QA

Once the digital transcription is complete, but you have the option to send this completed report to an editor.

Postpone (F8)

Postpone the document to complete at a later time. This will close Word and the Header and take you back to the Inbox.

Save (F10)

Save the document without exiting the document.


Abandon any changes you have made to the document. This will close the document and take you back to the Inbox.Comments (F11)This is where you can type comments for the editor.

Split Job

If the dictator has dictated more than one report in the voice file, you can split the job into more jobs so that you can transcribe each separately. This will keep the same voice file associated with each job.

Jeannie / June 11, 2017 / Business